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Social Media Success

Do you feel like you’re drowning in Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram photos? Social media can feel like an overwhelming, full-time job, but we can take the stress away and help you create a buzz for your business.

A popular restaurant in the Quincy area needed a comprehensive support system for social media management. They had been using a national agency to run their social efforts for quite some time, but they were looking to bring the work closer to home and save some money. Vervocity Interactive was happy to step in and work to meet their social media needs as a local agency.

We set goals that made sense for the client including obtaining brick and mortar customers and user-generated content participation. To set these goals, we researched the client’s audience and established our most important metrics. This included reach, clicks, engagement, and online reviews.

It is important to Vervocity Interactive’s Digital Marketing Specialist to build and curate engaging social media content that revolves around our social media goals. For that reason, we worked with our sister company Media Development to capture studio-quality photographs of favorite dishes, the bar, and behind the scenes in the kitchen. This high-quality content makes our social media posts look very professional and appropriately fits the brand’s identity.

We save the client time and effort by engaging with their audience as posts and reviews come up or questions are asked. We get their notifications and tirelessly streamline the engagement process. We understand that the main purpose of social media is to converse with the audience. We network to ensure conversations and engagement opportunities aren’t left unattended.

It’s important to track our efforts and always demonstrate improvement. We pull analytics reports regularly and report to the client on how our campaigns, both unpaid and paid, have worked out. This helps us decide if we’ve made the right decisions in social media management. We are happy to adapt and change as the audience and goals dictate.

Overall, we have been able to have fun with the client's social media accounts and make decisions that have pleased their management team. It's been fun to work closely with their team to bring out the most interesting and personality-filled content while growing their audience!

If social media is a mystery to you or it’s taking up too much of your time, consider Vervocity Interactive as your pick in social media management agency. We’ll take away all the guesswork for you and ensure that you increase brand awareness and meet appropriate goals. Call Michelle Schuckman, Digital Marketing Specialist, at 217-222-1451 today!

Our knowledgeable team will take the time to look at all the factors that affect your social media strategy. Contact us today for a free social assessment.

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