Custom Website Design


Our website designs are 100% custom-created. Website templates are not always the right fit for every business or organization. Maybe you need the features of your site to change steadily, you require a precise style to perfectly match your brand, or you have specific features you just can’t live without. We make it just as easy to start from scratch and give your new website a truly unique look.

Your website is your online storefront, open 24/7, giving visitors a direct line of communication with your business. It’s a crucial element of your communication effort. Your web design must be easy to navigate, integrate beautifully with your brand, and most importantly, drive sales. After we’ve worked to understand your business goals and what your customer needs to know, we design custom websites that look great, operate flawlessly on any device, and sell your stuff!


We don’t create websites that are NOT mobile responsive. Today, a website has to be responsive to the numerous combinations of devices, platforms, and browsers that your customers are now using to search for and view your website. When Vervocity designs your website, it adapts to every screen size and is viewable from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Because if your website is not responsive, you’re losing potential customers.

U.S. Paint Responsive Design by Vervocity


We understand that creating a new website can be overwhelming. Below is our Web Design + Development process. We are here to help you through the process and guide you to an exceptional final product.

  • 1

    Strategy / Planning

    We learn about your goals for your new website and develop a plan to meet those goals.

  • 2

    Content Development

    Gathering or developing the necessary content based on your approved navigation.

  • 3


    Creating your custom design for the Homepage of your website.

  • 4

    Page Buildout

    This phase is focused on making sure your content is correctly placed within your website and building out the interior sections of your website.

  • 5


    We take steps to ensure that the site is thoroughly reviewed internally before we launch. After our internal review, we launch your brand new, custom website.


Website design is the public-facing side of your website that we create especially for your brand. It looks great and is designed to engage your customers and sell your products or services. But what about those times when you need more? What if you need a custom search feature on your website for your unique products? This is where Vervocity's expertise in website development comes into play. Your website is a unique and important tool for your business. And just like your design, we understand that some of the features required on your website must be unique as well. We don't try to put you in the same box as every other website and just "make something work". We create custom solutions that will help you rise above your competition.

  • Custom Filtering

    Your products are unique and may require custom filtering. We are experienced in taking your business model and creating a custom filtering option that works specifically with your products.

  • Product Import

    One of our main goals is to eliminate duplicate entry. Often times you have to enter your products in one system and then again on your website. We can create a custom process to eliminate duplicate entry bottlenecks.

  • Custom Page Templates

    You have projects and you need a portfolio. We understand that you excel at your business so we create custom features that don't require you to learn how to design websites. A simple form that allows you to add the appropriate information and then we do our magic and create a template to dynamically display the page. Simple. Easy. Effective.

Website Hosting

Secure WordPress website hosting that gives you peace of mind knowing that your website is being maintained and kept up to date.

ADA Accessibility

Vervocity offers Americans with Disability Act (ADA) consulting services including website compliance planning, accessibility assessment & resolution, and ongoing monitoring.


No matter what you want to sell online, putting the right e-commerce solution in place is vital… and we can help!

we build websites that not only look great, they work hard, with features developed for your unique needs

Website Cost

Pricing for website development is unique to every need and depends on how your website must function. Some features require more time to create than others. Sometimes, the custom features you want are already built into our base pricing for your website. We’ll work with you to determine what your website needs to excel online and then provide a solution to meet that demand.

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Below are a few of the services that we often recommend with a new web design.


    Testimonial Videos, Homepage Videos, Product Videos, Explainer Videos


    Corporate Photography, Staff Headshots, Drone Photos


    Professional content to help bring your brand to life.

  • SEO

    Your customers need to be able to find you.

  • Website Hosting + Security Plans

    Obtain support after your new web design has launched.