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Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council Homepage

The Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council was organized in 1984 to promote growth and investment in Hannibal, Marion County, and Ralls County. Because HREDC plays a vital role in promoting investments for new and existing businesses, attractions, and entrepreneurial developments, we understood the importance of making resources ACCESSIBLE and available to their communities. A simplified navigation and various DROP DOWN MENUS make it easy for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. We also repeatedly tested the site for MOBILE RESPONSIVENESS to ensure the website can be accessed from anywhere on any device.


HREDC is a nonprofit, public/private partnership that is funded by multiple organizations, businesses, and individuals. It is through that funding that they are able to increase the quality of life for their citizens. Vervocity wanted to highlight the amazing work HREDC does through bold headings, strong DESIGN ELEMENTS, and eye-catching visuals. We also saw the need for instant access to certain valuable information, so we created a CUSTOMIZED SITE SELECTOR TOOL KIT in the side bar. An organization that promotes a higher quality of life should have a high-quality website, and our partnership with the team at HREDC allowed us to design just that.

Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council Interior Page