lasting partnerships

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Leander Construction is a full-service, third-generation construction company. They offer a great building experience while also building lasting partnerships with clients, subcontractors, and suppliers. Leander Construction covers all aspects of a construction project from pre-construction services to the finishing touches, and every project is completed with the highest standards of quality. We partnered with them to build an equally high-quality website. Their goals for the website were to provide marketing information to obtain new customers, provide and enhance a subcontractor tool, provide a plan room/estimating link, and list employment opportunities.

target audience

We sat down with Leander Construction and decided that the prime target audience for the website would be municipalities, educational institutions, owners, architects, and engineers. We used their knowledge of the industry to lead us in the right direction. As the project moved forward, our developer concentrated on mobile responsiveness, level of interactiveness, quality of photography, consistency of design, presence of a simplified navigation menu, and a subcontractor tool. There is a “view all projects” button front and center on the homepage and a section to equally engage visitors slightly farther down the page and with the help of stunning photography, we are able to lead the visitor through all of the different categories of projects that Leander Construction has completed. The final website is anything but cookie-cutter while successfully accomplishing the client’s goals.

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