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Life is mobile. Your customers (and you) are constantly on the go. Mobile apps provide real convenience to your customers, promote brand awareness, and serve as an additional sales channel. We’ve created apps for all kinds of businesses, with great success! Vervocity has extensive, multi-platform app development experience, creating for both Android and iOS, and we will launch your app in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Ease of use and accessibility are two of the largest benefits of having a mobile app for your business. Having a mobile app creates more personalized engagement with your customers and can provide custom features that are specific to your business.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has changed and an app can offer many features that a website cannot.  For example, mobile apps allow for Geolocation, enabling you to show the user results based on their exact location, push notifications, and access to use the device’s camera.

Mobile Apps | Vervocity

App Features

  • Push Notifications

    If you need to get information out to your customers with a push notification then a Mobile App is the route for you.

  • Offline Features

    There are some instances where the data entered into an app many need to be stored on the device if an internet connection is not available and then saved once the device is connected to the internet. One example would be anybody working remotely without access to the internet.

  • Phone Features

    Many times an app will require access to a mobile phone's GPS, Camera, etc. A mobile app makes it easy to access these features on your phone.

The Process

First, we have to understand what the end goal is for your app. We create wireframes (think of that as a blueprint) so that we can better understand the overall flow of your app and walk through each step with one. After the wireframes are approved, we begin developing your app. After the functionality is approved and works properly, we add your branding and design elements to the app.

Our developers are trained in the latest technologies being used across several operating systems, so you’ll be confident that each app functions as you would expect it to.  We will even launch your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play, making the process as easy!

  • Wireframes

    Wireframes allow us to fully step through your app, step by step, to ensure that all functionality is outlined and approved before we begin the development of your app.

  • Development

    After your wireframes are approved we begin working on implementing the functionality for your new mobile app based on the wireframes. This is the bulk of the work that is required to create your mobile app.

  • Design

    Now that your mobile is fully functional and development is complete, we will add in all design elements and branding. Your brand must stay consistent, even within your mobile app.

  • Deployment

    After you have fully tested and approved your mobile app we will even launch your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play for you.

The bottom line is… Vervocity knows how to keep users of your app happy and give them a hassle-free, easy user experience that will keep them coming back!

Mobile App Cost

Pricing for mobile app development is unique to every need and depends on how your mobile app needs to function. Some features require more time to create than others. We’ll work with you to determine what your mobile app needs to be successful and then provide a solution to meet that demand.

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