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It may sound cheesy, but we really enjoyed working with Bongards. And that’s not just because they produce delectable cheeses! Bongards was in need of an updated website design with a modern look and feel, so we stepped in and took that to the next level. We used their custom graphical elements to brand the website while using slick animations to direct the reader to important calls to action. It gave us an excellent opportunity to showcase their custom photography, too. All in all, we made it easier for Bongard’s customers to get information about their products.


We reached out to Vervocity to perform a full redesign of our website and are incredibly pleased with the result! The team at Vervocity laid out the project using clear stages and benchmarks, provided weekly updates, and promptly responded to all of our questions. Their efforts resulted in a beautiful website, hitting each of our requirements. The ongoing training and customer support they continue to provide is instrumental in ensuring a high-quality website for both our customers and staff. We are thrilled to be working with such a great company!

-- Kasia Paprocki, Marketing and Sales Specialist

Easy Product Management

Vervocity created easy product management where the Bongards product database syncs to the website. This allows them to manage all their products in one place with ease. Special product filtering allows customers to quickly and easily find products right for their needs. In this custom-designed website, we actually took multiple websites and combined them into one for easier overall management. Intuitive navigation helps the customer find the type of product they are looking for while educating them on the channels Bongards serves.



Chanhassen, MN

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