Who are you?

It’s an important question that deserves some thought! After we fully understand who you are, we can identify your target customer and put your identity into words and visuals so your message is clear, complete, and integrated into all your materials. Your brand needs to be consistent every time for maximum impact to reach the right audience at the right time.

Your brand is the underlying message behind the product or service that influences the customer experience. The promise behind your brand should make your business look professional, established, and trustworthy. Your brand strategy establishes the foundation for all marketing material, websites, and media elements. Your brand is how you speak to your customers.

Your brand is the foundation of your business and critical to your future success. We will develop a brand strategy that reflects an accurate representation of your target customer and your goals. After we have a strategy in place, we produce a Brand Standards and Guidelines so your branding is consistently presented every time.



With other businesses fighting for your client, your logo needs to be unique and eye-catching. Vervocity will help ensure your logo stands out from your competition.

  • Understand the Brand

    To create an exceptional, unique logo that stands out we work with you to understand your brand.

  • Research

    Taking the time to understand your industry helps us create a logo that appeals to your target audience. Research also ensures that your logo isn't too much like any other logo in your industry.

  • Usage

    Where will you be using your logo? We evaluate where you will be using your logo to make sure that the logo we create can easily be applied across multiple applications.

Your logo needs to work seamlessly in every application and be immediately pleasing and memorable. Our designers bring a fresh, broad perspective to developing the right image for your company using reason and logic, (with a hefty dose of creativity) while influencing your customer’s perception of you in the most positive way.

Your logo is literally the face of your business and it needs to help you stand out from the crowd.  We’ll ask the right questions to understand who your target customer is and what can influence them. Then, we convert that information into a visual symbol, thoughtfully incorporating fonts, colors, and style to accurately reflect your business… a logo that will resonate with your customer.

Brand Style Guide

No matter if they see your brand on a website, the front of your building, the side of a van, a business card, or on Instagram, your Brand Standards and Guidelines document details exactly how your image will be shown. It assures perfection to the last detail!  The font, colors, spacing, sizing… everything in this guide is clearly defined with no room for variations. This ensures consistency in every application and contributes to the memorability of your image.

  • Typography

    Fonts, Styling

  • Imagery

    Photo Usage, Video Usage, Icons & Graphics

  • Logo Usage

    Resizing, Clearspace & Positioning, Don'ts

  • Brand Colors

    Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Primary Logo & Icon Usage, Secondary Logo & Icon Usage

The font, colors, spacing, sizing … everything is clearly defined with no room for variations. This ensures consistency and memorability.

Brand Strategy

We get to know your industry and customers and define your position in the marketplace. We listen and work with you to get to the core values that set your business apart from your competitors. Then we build on the answers to create an effective brand across all your marketing materials.

Related services for Branding:

Below are a few of the services that we often recommend with your branding strategy + logo development.


    Testimonial Videos, Homepage Videos, Product Videos, Explainer Videos

  • Website Design + Development

    Your online storefront that matches your brand.

  • Graphic Design

    Business cards, brochures, billboards, digital ads … print or digital, the list is endless

  • Social Media

    We’ll help you utilize videos, photos, and calls to action to get noticed and make sure your message resonates with your customers.