Close Up of Welcome Sign at St. Francis

St. Francis Solanus Catholic School was established in 1862 as a Roman Catholic elementary school. Today, they serve pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students through a legacy of faith and family. St. Francis goes beyond being just a private school by aiming to provide exceptional faith-based education that inspires families to be part of a WELCOMING COMMUNITY. Using the school’s emphasis on a welcoming environment, Vervocity designed and implemented a signage system that serves as more than simply a NAVIGATION TOOL. It is a reflection of the school’s commitment to creating an inclusive, engaging, and faith-filled community.




Quincy, IL


When we first met with the team at St. Francis Solanus School, OUTDATED SIGNAGE was one of their concerns. Their school and BRANDING HAD EVOLVED over the years, but their signs did not reflect the changes. We worked closely with them to ensure the new signage aligned with their vision and educational values. Our bold, bright, and AESTHETICALLY PLEASING DESIGNS provide clear visibility while seamlessly using the school’s branding to guide students, staff, and visitors. Together, we were able to install FUNCTIONAL, visually appealing outdoor wayfinding signage that enhances the overall campus environment while REINFORCING THE SCHOOL'S IDENTITY.