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Quincy Medical Group believes in providing the best care for every patient, every time. They offer many services, including QMG Now (formerly Ambulatory Care), Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, and much more. They needed a way to convey a relatable story to their potential patients. The QMG goal was to attract patients by showcasing themselves as a positive light and leader in the healthcare industry. We worked with their team to produce highly compelling videos. These videos conveyed strong emotions and told real stories from real patients. We hoped to get patients invested and deeply interested in these issues by showing relatable stories that are told in a creative way. Between privacy concerns, busy schedules, and other issues, it can often be hard to find good opportunities for video shoots for medical providers, but our professional team is waiting to showcase your physicians and patients in an interesting, accomplished, and compassionate light – just as we did with QMG.




Quincy, IL


The first recorded QMG video told the story of Jason Kasparie, with the help of his wife Amanda. From the beginning, we asked the question many cancer patients can relate to … “What next?” Emotions ran high in this long-format video as the Kasparie couple told their story. You can see the impact that QMG had on Jason and his family. We utilized interviews in multiple settings, in-house video at the medical group, and images of Kasparie’s doctor in action. Another video we’d like to share is a Cardiology commercial for QMG. The writing was important on this project as there are no speaking roles in the commercial, and we had to relate a heartfelt message about cardiac health. We used videography to create an authentic connection between the viewer and their health needs. We approached QMG’s content with the eye of a documentarian and the mind of a strategic marketer. We stayed true to their branding and tied everything together with graphic elements in the video. See us for our expertise in video!