Custom Programming

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Your business is special… unlike any other. You likely have a wish list of ways you could operate more efficiently, but you’re not exactly sure how to get there. By creating a customized digital solution specifically for your company, you’ll be able to work more effectively.  And, once we understand your objectives, we can offer ideas you might not have thought of!

You have an idea about how you want to do business. Tell us your dreams and we’ll build custom digital solutions that will work exactly the way you want them to.

Industries Served

We’ve worked with every type of business, from retail to industrial, healthcare and education, designing specific tools that simplify your business processes, eliminate waste, organize data, identify production bottlenecks, and ultimately improve your bottom line.  Talk to us about the endless possibilities, created especially for your company.


  • Improve Processes

    Do you have an internal process that is tedious and you was easier? We listen, plan, and execute to help improve the processes that take up too much of your time and resources.

  • Eliminate Waste

    If you have a distributor network and material that those distributors rely on. How do you distribute the material? Are you still using email or printing the material? We can create a custom solution for your digital asset management to allow your distributors to view the documents online and then print as needed.

  • Save Time & Money

    By creating efficient processes for your business you can save valuable time and money on your day to day business tasks.


Vervocity creates custom web-based applications. With customized digital applications, we can help your team increase sales or provide customized operation management tools. The lists below are just a few examples of the custom programming projects we have already created. Custom programming means exactly that… custom! Your unique business model may require a tailored solution just for you. Just because you don't see your project listed below doesn't mean we can't do it. Challenge us! Let's see if Vervocity is the right fit to work on your custom application needs.

  • Web-Based Internal Intranets

    • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
    • Distributor Network Management
    • Trade Show Asset Management
    • Document Management
    • Password Management
    • Custom CRM Solutions

  • Sales Intranets

    • Create Templated Proposals & Quotes
    • Calculators for Sales Team or Customer-Facing
    • Industry-Specific Tools
    • Equipment Sizing Calculators
    • ROI Calculators

  • Custom Operations Management

    • Robust Billing Systems
    • Bills of Lading
    • UPC Generation
    • Invoicing
    • Drop-Ship
    • Custom Data Import/Export
    • Pick Ticket Management

  • More Custom Programming

    • Process Automation
    • Systems Integration
    • Custom eCommerce Solutions
    • Legacy Software Upgrades and Replacements

Development Cost

Pricing for custom programming is unique to every need and depends on how your custom application must function. Some features require more time to create than others. We’ll work with you to determine what your custom application needs and then provide a solution to meet that demand.

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  • Mobile Apps

    A mobile app creates more personalized engagement with your customers and can provide custom features that are specific to your business.

  • E-Commerce

    No matter what you want to sell online, putting the right e-commerce solution in place is vital… and we can help!