Niemanns Homepage

When Steve and Ferd Niemann opened a little corner store in 1917, they envisioned helping families find what they love while making it an easy and friendly shopping experience. With a little help from Vervocity, Niemanns began rebranding their new website to bring them back to the Niemann family roots. Vervocity used that original vision for friendliness and accessibility to design a website that is easy-to-use and focused on customer experience. The navigation bar is organized and simple, allowing users to  find exactly what they’re looking for. Bold colors and attractive visuals catch user attention while providing a snippet of what customers can expect from Niemanns.


We worked hard to design a professional looking website with a small-town feel. We knew Niemanns wanted to connect with their local audiences while providing high-quality service. Vervocity created an online ordering experience that makes it easy to order items from the Deli, Bakery, or Floral departments. Customers can now browse products, place orders, and arrange for pickup or delivery with just a few clicks. Although the website has a new look, Vervocity made sure that it still gives off that familiar family-owned and focused feel.



Quincy, IL