Ti Trust Tri Fold

TI-TRUST is a leading provider of fiduciary services for Employee Benefits, Personal Trust, and Farm Services. It’s not about how TI-Trust wants to manage the money or how they want to distribute the money. It’s about acting as a fiduciary and doing it in the best interest of the grantor who created the trust and made the decision about how they want their money paid out. They came to Vervocity for PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS to distribute as part of their brand awareness campaign. Our graphic design experts helped TI-TRUST decide on a classic tri-fold brochure while we also created a brand style guide. The brochure was going to be the first touchpoint this company has with its customers, so even the smallest details were very important to us. The guide makes it easy to communicate the TI-TRUST brand consistently across all marketing channels




Quincy, IL


Our designers have no limits when it comes to developing eye-catching work like the tri-fold design. From business cards to postcards, table tents, flyers and so much more, professionally designed and printed marketing materials are a must-have for businesses of any size. Our print designers understood the importance of consistent branding and intelligent design and created a cohesive brand message throughout TI-TRUST’s stable of marketing materials. From design to printing and delivery, we handle the entire process to make it as turnkey and hassle-free as possible. Once TI-TRUST approved the design, they didn’t have to find a printer themselves … we took care of everything! We helped TI-TRUST build a solid marketing foundation by combining print materials along with our other digital services.