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Wiewel Insurance Agency is a family-owned independent insurance agency specializing in all lines of insurance. They work with a variety of carriers of personal and commercial insurance providers and can compare rates with top insurance carriers to offer the best combination of price, coverage, and service to meet the customer’s needs. The agency’s first goal for its website development project was to get the Wiewel Insurance Agency name out there to more people while creating a powerful company image. They also wanted to create a space for current and future customers to reach each company they sell for. Vervocity was happy to lead the charge on a new website while also helping the agency stay up to date with changing technology. We also wanted to help them reach a younger audience with their content.

Relatable Online Presesence

We set off to accomplish their goals by creating a new, modern, and mobile-friendly website and establishing a relatable online presence. We began by outlining a proposed navigation plan for the Wiewel Insurance Agency site and worked with them to fine-tune the sitemap to organize how visitors go through their online materials. The agency has two offices in two separate locations, so we created a space where both locations could come together. On the contact page and in the footer of the website we highlighted both locations and each has its own single pin Google map and relative contact information available for extra clarity. While it’s true that developing a website can involve a lot of work, with Vervocity, the right preparation can save you time, help to clarify the project, break it down into a series of manageable steps, and result in better outcomes once the site launches.



Golden, IL + Carthage, IL

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