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The City of Hannibal’s website acts as a direct COMMUNICATION HUB for residents and visitors of Hannibal, MO. Vervocity had the privilege of collaborating with the city to REVAMP THEIR DIGITAL PRESENCE and provide a seamless platform that reflects the vibrancy and rich heritage of their historic community.

Our goal was to create an engaging and informative online experience that truly represents the spirit of Hannibal. CLEAR COMMUNICATION with the community, general public, and stakeholders was a priority for the design, so our team meticulously crafted a user-centric design that captures the essence of Hannibal while ensuring effortless navigation for all users. From access to local services and government resources to showcasing upcoming events and attractions, the website serves as an invaluable resource for both residents and tourists.


A target audience is one of the first factors we cover with clients during the initial phase of their website design. The City of Hannibal was looking for a way to post all of their information in one place without making it difficult for the many people in their target audiences to find. Together with the city, we decided that a streamlined design optimized for efficiency and user-centered functionality would work best for their audience.

A streamlined design aims to remove unnecessary elements, reduce complexity, and enhance user experience by offering clear paths to desired information or actions. Internal links to frequently requested information are located above the fold so site visitors can easily navigate to the resources they need. We used this design technique with stunning images of the city to create a visually-captivating website that embodies the city’s charm and provides a welcoming virtual gateway to all that Hannibal has to offer.



Hannibal, MO

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