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Farm Bank Homepage by Vervocity in Quincy, IL

farmbank prides itself on being a locally owned, independent bank. They offer a full range of professional and friendly services. Banking has an ever-changing internet presence and without mobile banking and a strong online presence, it is tough to continue to be competitive in the banking industry. For that reason, farmbank needed a refreshed, mobile responsive website to link appropriately to the online banking offered to its clients. They also needed a new website to help position farmbank as a leader in the banking industry keeping up with the current online trends. The goal was to attract new customers, make the user experience easier for current customers, highlight the online banking ease of use through the new website, and become a featured marketing piece that shows farmbank as a progressive banking leader.

Target Audience

The target audiences for the new farmbank website were clear. The first group was current customers looking to find out bank information and ease of access to their online banking system and the second was potential customers looking for any number of services that farmbank provides. Our solution was to create a secure and mobile responsive website to make a better mobile experience. Search engine optimization was a priority to help the website rank higher organically in search engines. The navigation on the new website is intuitive, all features are available at one or two clicks, and clients can conduct all transactions quickly without delays. Cheers to better banking with farmbank!



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