Quincy Farm Products is a food by-products solutions provider that buys and upcycles food waste to create products for farmers, livestock producers, pet food manufacturers, feed processors, and industrial additive suppliers. Since 2014, the company has grown and expanded into new markets, and their new website needed to reflect that growth. 

Along with introducing their entry into pet food manufacturing and additional industrial solutions, their goals included generating new clients as inbound and outbound leads. Our design leverages brand colors and strategic calls to action to guide visitors through the importance of recycling food waste and the high-quality feeds produced from it. Valuable pieces of information are called out in highlighted boxes, and the streamlined design provides clean lines and segmented content. Ultimately, each page is designed with their target user in mind.


We believe that to captivate an audience, you need to speak their language and offer easy-to-consume content and visuals. By collaborating closely with the team at Quincy Farm Products and diving deep into market and industry research, we created pages of new content to engage their target audiences. The new content aimed to educate visitors, position Quincy Farm Products as a leading authority for food manufacturing waste solutions, and answer the questions potential customers didn’t even know they had.

The new copywriting also incorporates search engine optimization (SEO) into the headings and page content. By integrating targeted keywords into informative, engaging content, we ensured the site speaks to human visitors and search engine algorithms. We wanted Quincy Farm Products to not just reach a wider audience, but the right audience. Each page was written to answer real queries, solve real problems, and provide valuable information, all while enhancing visibility and search rankings.



Quincy, IL

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