Unique processes require unique solutions, and that’s exactly what we provided for Sisbro with the driver dashboard. The Sisbro Driver Dashboard is a custom design that allows drivers to access important updates, documents, safety tips, trainings, news, and information all in one place. The dashboard is password protected, with each driver receiving their own unique account profile. From the beginning of this project, it was clear that Sisbro needed a robust, reliable, and secure online portal for their drivers. We delivered a personalized web design platform that continues to provide value to their internal communications.


Mobile access was a necessary feature discussed during the initial project meeting. Drivers are constantly on the road, and 24/7 accessibility to important updates is crucial to keeping drivers safe and informed. Push notifications are delivered directly to mobile devices signed into the dashboard app. An automation feature schedules a safety message to send every morning at 6AM. The dashboard provides access to the tools necessary for drivers to succeed, no matter their current location.



Quincy, IL


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