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Vervocity worked with St. Francis / Holy Ghost Catholic School to design a website that TELLS THEIR STORY and encourages enrollment. St. Francis / Holy Ghost Catholic School provides K – 8 students in Jerseyville, IL, with an education that fosters a solid foundation for life through spiritual growth, academic excellence, and character development. Their commitment to their students goes BEYOND CLASSROOM LEARNING, and they needed an ONLINE PLATFORM to tell that story to prospective parents effectively.

With this in mind, Vervocity strategically designed the website to SERVE MULTIPLE PURPOSES. First, it acts as an informational tool for current parents and students, offering easy access to important information about student life and the current school year. For prospective families, the website provides a A WINDOW INTO WHAT STUDENT LIFE IS LIKE at the school. We used professional photography of the location and student body to highlight the school’s vibrant community and commitment to their students’ personal and academic growth.



Small details can make a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE. We knew the new website needed to deliver information, but we also wanted to DELIVER FUN! Our designers created a UNIQUE WEBSITE IDENTITY by using creative elements of blue plaid that matched their school uniforms to showcase school spirit. From the navigation bar to accent details, this design choice adds a playful touch to a functional platform. Our goal was to create a website that feels less like a static informational hub and more like a virtual extension of the school's dynamic environment.

We worked with St. Francis / Holy Ghost Catholic School to combine visually-engaging elements with pages of information. Together, we designed a platform that tells their story and invites others to become part of it.



Jerseyville, IL

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