Employee recruitment and effective marketing strategies go hand in hand when reaching out to potential employees.

Every job listing is essentially a way for businesses to market themselves to prospective candidates. Listings present an opportunity to promote the value of employment at your company, as long as they’re written and formatted to appeal to your target job pool.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10.1 million job openings were available in the U.S. by the end of April, 2023. Companies are consistently hiring, and it can feel overwhelming to stand out against millions of other job recruitments.

Effective marketing matters for employee recruitment, so we’ve put together a list of strategies to help you attract quality applications.

Employer Branding

Your brand is more than just a logo and a name, it’s what defines your business and sets you apart. Employer branding is the process of promoting your company’s reputation as an employer.

Effective marketing can help create a positive image of your company that is attractive to potential candidates.

Be transparent about your company culture, mission, values, and benefits. Promoting the unique qualities and values of a company can help attract candidates who align with that culture. For example, if a company values work-life balance and promotes flexible work arrangements, showcase these benefits to potential candidates.

Employer branding also means being open to internal changes. Pay attention to employee reviews on employment websites, such as Glassdoor and Indeed, to gain a better insight into the opinions of past and present employees. If you notice a pattern of dissatisfaction, make the effort to investigate and address the reason behind employee concerns. Know that potential employees can see these public reviews, too.

Online presence

Over the years, more and more job seekers have taken to online listings and websites to find available jobs. If your business doesn’t have a strong online presence, it could be missing out on qualified candidates.

An effective digital marketing strategy can help your business become more visible to potential employees. Prospective employees will most likely research a company before applying, and the information they find could greatly affect their decision to apply. Search for your business on search engines, and take note of the results that appear.

When we say you need a strong online presence, we mean every place your business appears online, such as social media, job boards, employment platforms, and your website. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and has current information about job openings and vacancies.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can give you access to an extensive pool of potential candidates, allowing you to engage with them where they’re already spending their time. Effective social media strategies can include sharing job postings, showcasing your company culture, and leveraging your employee network to spread the word about your open positions.

Content marketing

Content marketing involves creating informative and engaging content that provides value to potential employees. By creating content that speaks to potential employees, you can improve your chances of attracting top talent. For example, creating blog posts that address career development, culture, and employee benefits can be an effective way of attracting potential employees.

Some of the best content marketing for employee recruitment effectively translates why candidates should care about your company and listing. Do your research to understand what your target employees want and need most from their employers. By understanding what matters to your top candidates, you can learn which elements of your culture are most critical to emphasize and promote.

For more information on specifically writing content for job listings, check out our blog post on 5 Copywriting Tips for Employee Recruitment.

Storytelling & Visuals

Stories have the power to connect and engage people. Sharing stories about your company’s history, culture, and employee experiences can help candidates better understand and visualize what it would be like to work for your company. Use videos, testimonials, and blog articles to showcase real stories from your team. By sharing these stories, you can create an emotional connection with candidates, which can lead to higher job satisfaction and retention rates.

If you’re looking for an example of employee testimonials, check out our Sisbro and Cornerstone videography projects.

Videos are one of many visual tactics to attract candidates. Eye-catching booth displays at job fairs, social media ads and graphics, and printed marketing materials can also aid in marketing for employee recruitment. Capturing the attention of a possible employee is often the first step in persuading them to learn more about your company. Stand out among the crowd by promoting visuals that showcase your brand and its image.

Data & Personalization

Many candidates expect a personalized experience when they apply for a job. Effective marketing strategies continue to connect with people, even after the initial campaign phase has been launched.

Utilize campaign data analytics to personalize future recruitment marketing messages and engage candidates on a deeper level. Track candidate behavior online and use that information to send personalized emails, text messages, and social media ads. By delivering targeted messages to candidates, businesses can build relationships that lead to higher quality hires.


Not every strategy will yield the same results for every business. Effective marketing for recruitment takes research, time, and an open mind to adapting. At Vervocity, we’ve worked with a variety of industries to create recruitment materials that connect with target candidates. We sit down with each business to determine priority goals, and work to showcase the value of their company with the needs of candidates in mind.

No project is too big or too small, and campaigns can start as simple as captivating social media ads or graphic design for a job fair table cloth. Whatever your needs may be, Vervocity can help. Contact us today by reaching out online or calling us at (217) 222-1451.