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Website Hosting & Security

Vervocity’s Website Hosting & Security ensures the proper and secure functioning of your website, keeping it updated and free of viruses. We protect you and your customers with vulnerability scanning, daily backups, secure hosting, encryption, and firewalls.


If you’re looking for a web host, consider the following:

  • Understand your hosting needs.
  • Check on up-time guarantees.
  • Know your scalability options.
  • Find out about renewal terms and fees.
  • Ask about site backups.

Vervocity offers reliable hosting services for your website at an affordable rate. We offer monthly and annual rates for your convenience.

Our hosting plans are very simple: no tricky calculations on usage or storage, just rock solid hosting.

Uptime is guaranteed, and our high level of service will put you at ease.


Whether you need .com or .us, .net or .biz, or others, we can help. We’ll manage your domain name and your DNS records for your website, all with a proven track record of reliability while making it simple for you. We recommend three, five, or ten-year registrations, saving you money with longer terms.

Vervocity is highly experienced in purchasing and renewing domain names, thereby taking the management responsibilities off of your already busy plate. With Vervocity’s Domain Name Management Services, you can rest assured that your online identity is what it should be to boost your online presence.


A website firewall protects your website from hackers, malware, and blacklists. You’ll have peace of mind with a firewall protecting your site. Website attacks are only increasing in popularity, and in the absence of a firewall, an attacker often needs only minimal effort to bring down your site and even destroy your data.


When communicating with your customers through your website, it’s critical to ensure their data is protected. An SSL (HTTPS) secure certificate protects your customer’s data as it transfers from their computer through to your website.


We protect what you’ve already built with Vervocity’s Website Vulnerability Scanning services. Our system will scan your site every 3 hours for malware and other common threats. Vervocity will be notified immediately if your website is infected. We include the cost to repair any infection in your annual price.


Hiring IT staff to maintain your website is expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. Hiring Vervocity Interactive to update it isn’t. We can perform the routine monthly maintenance on your website for a minimally budgeted fee. Keeping your website current is the best way to make it a destination for your customers. Training them to expect new or updated content on a regular basis will keep them returning to your site, giving you more chances to sell.


Your website contains a lot of essential content that took a great deal of time to create and organize. What if it was all lost with no way to recover it all? Vervocity’s website backup service runs nightly, and will back-up your website and website database to remote servers. The backup ensures everything can be recovered in the event of a malicious attack or data loss to your site.

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