The "Wow" Moment

U.S. Paint Homepage

Vervocity worked very closely with U.S. Paint to develop a new website. U.S. Paint creates custom paints for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), creating "brilliant solutions" in their custom paints. While the paints are custom, they deal in very large batch lots. The BIG selling point: is that they develop, formulate, test, and produce these paints in-house. Vervocity was tasked with designing the website to combine professionalism with a sense of fun for U.S. Paint. We worked to create a "Wow" moment for prospective customers by showcasing products like theirs in vibrant colors. We also demonstrated that USP has the in-house capabilities necessary to meet the ultra-demanding specifications from OEMs and showed that their company has worked with other major manufacturers. U.S. Paint sees their website as a tool to convince potential customers already in the sales pipeline that they’re the right company, it’s not to be used solely as a lead generation tool.


I knew that navigating this task was going to be tough, as I was not even sure how to communicate exactly what it was, that I wanted to accomplish. But, after meeting the team at Vervocity, it quickly became clear that they would work to understand our business and understand what we were missing. They ultimately made this daunting task relatively easy for me. They guided me through the website development process, proposing various and imaginative themes, media, and ideas, every step of the way extracting valuable input from me and my team and turning it into a great representation of U.S. Paint.

-- Ryan Luter, Director of Sales

Fun + Vibrant + Colorful

Vervocity built a fun, vibrant, colorful, and sexy website to make the visitor feel the excitement of the "boy’s toys" that their ideal customers manufacture — sports cars, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, and more. We prominently featured a strong commitment to a safer environment and sustainable manufacturing, and provided a virtual “Yellow Pages” to show contact information such as phone numbers, a contact-us form, and a map of U.S. Paint’s location.

U.S. Paint Interior Page
U.S. Paint

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