If your website is undergoing substantial changes in areas that affect search engine visibility – like the change to a new CMS or changing hosting providers – you are undergoing site migration. Any site migration can go wrong and Vervocity is here to make things right. Let’s discuss taking the right steps.

Make sure the benefits outweigh the risk of site migration. You have to consider personnel, platform, costs, redirects, internal links, structure, and other variables.

Once you’ve decided to proceed with your migration, it’s important to pay close attention to planning and details. A properly planned and executed process is the key to success for any migration.

Missing redirects, loops, broken canonicals, missing disavow files, and entirely blocking crawlers can add a level of complexity to your migration. Consider branding, announcements, personnel changes, costs, contracts, timing, resources, content consolidation, migration or forwarding of emails, and more. Your checklist will ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

Keep in mind, if you’ve missed something the issue is only temporary. Luckily with site migrations, there’s almost nothing that can’t be fixed later. Don’t panic!

Nothing’s worse than doing just one site migration and feeling your way through the process. Vervocity does site migrations all the time and we’d love to help you through yours. Call (217) 222-1451 to discuss your options and timelines. Our professional web developers in Quincy, IL have a ton of experience under their belts to get the job done right!