Each year we see website design trends that come to dominate the scene. The internet has grown and changed a lot over the years and we’ve more recently seen the reign of mobile and the introduction of AR, AI, AMP, and more into our vocabulary. We really see and feel these changes in web design trends.

Mobile first

For some years, design creativity was rampant with a lack of grid structure and the adoption of illustrations. In other years, we’ve seen the rise of hamburger menus and other simplified aesthetics. One thing 2020 will have in common with 2019 is the fact that mobile is still king. Mobile traffic accounts for over half of all traffic on the web and the increased use of smartphones has made the mobile experience even more important than the desktop one.

Simple landing pages

Busy front pages with headlines, lots of photos, massive amounts of text, and more are long gone and, in their stead, are replaced by the simple page. The new trend is that pages exist with next to no words on the page and very minimal and carefully placed calls-to-action taking precedence. Many simple websites have a background with a title, a donate button, and an email opt-in form. Blog pages and other interior pages are routed within sub-navigation.


Animations can be distracting, but when done right they can also direct visitors’ eyes to the real message. Animations can lead to a better user experience and more click throughs. The transitions and time delays can create a very natural eye movement toward the action we want you to take.


Load times have been increasingly important over the years starting in 2010 when Google officially made it a ranking signal in its algorithm and culminating in 2018 when the Google search update put speed as a top important factor for how it ranks websites. Ultimately a slow site can see less traffic and leave money on the table, so look into minimizing the sizes of images that load on the page and check your website hosting to be sure it’s optimized for load speed.

Simplified navigation

Over the last few years navigation has been getting simpler and simpler to accommodate small devices and even smaller attention spans. The less a user has to think about moving around, the more time they spend immersed in the site, actually moving around instead of wondering how to. Imagery is super important and large-scale photos and videos are your chance to impress users while only using the bare minimum in text for navigation.

With the close of the 2010s, web design is moving toward futurism like never before. Trust Vervocity to stay on top of the most innovative and powerful website design trends that will move your brand forward in the new year. Whether you have a website that needs a renovation or need to start from scratch, Vervocity is equipped to make your brand a leader among competitors. Call (217) 222-1451 to discuss your needs today!