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Cornerstone Website Design Quincy IL

Over the years, Cornerstone has grown and changed as the needs of their community have changed. Cornerstone is licensed by the state of Illinois as a child welfare agency, providing a variety of family support and counseling services. Their motto is “YOU MATTER“and they wanted a new website to promote that importance. Cornerstone is always working to become a place where people know that they matter by the way they are acknowledged, appreciated, and have their needs attended to. We were happy to meet with them to discuss the new site and do some brainstorming. Cornerstone’s goal was to convert website visitors to new clients and concentrate on brand reputation and awareness.

Non-Profit Website Design

Before we start thinking about the design for a website, it’s critical that we take a deep dive into understanding company values and audience. Learning Cornerstone’s goals for the new website, and exploring the ways it would enhance their business, allowed us to develop a conversion-focused experience while delivering an exceptional human-centered design. On ‘Schedule an appointment’ page, visitors can watch videos from counselors and psychiatrists, then request their appointment from there. Each video on the page showcases the unique qualifications and personality of each employee, bringing a human touch to the organization. You can see these touches throughout the website in both video and copywriting. Statistics show that website design and navigation influence 94 percent of first impressions. They also show that search engines favor websites, like Cornerstone’s, with responsive web design and well-structured web content.

Cornerstone Website Design Quincy IL

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