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The Hannibal Board of Public Works is a non-profit organization and a division of city government that provides electric, water, and sewer service to residents living within the city limits of Hannibal, Missouri. Established in 1903, the Hannibal Board of Public Works has grown substantially throughout the years and now includes the management of the Electric Distribution System, Water Treatment Plant, Water Distribution Facilities, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Sewer Collection System, Underground Storm-water Drainage System, and maintenance of the Bear Creek Dam. As you can tell, the HBPW website is a very important part of communication with the public. Vervocity worked to improve citizen access to the City government by providing a user-friendly, informative, easily-searched website that works on all major device platforms. Through the website, we were able to implement a two-way system for citizens to request City services for specific departments. Our designer created a unified theme and standardized format for City department websites while allowing for each department’s website to have a unique look and feel.

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Multiple HBPW users can log on and contribute, schedule, or edit content to be published. Because the interface is browser-based, their CMS can be accessed from anywhere by any number of users. We were happy to provide the framework and architecture that will permit the future expansion of the site. We also provided a secure site that is optimized to meet ADA requirements. When building an ADA-compliant website, we use a range of different design and web development practices that help people with disabilities navigate the site. For example, by ensuring sufficient color contrast between the text and background colors on your site, you make it easier for those with low vision to read the text. By making digital accessibility a foundational principle of all marketing from the start, your organization can build a next-generation user experience that stands out from the crowd with simplicity and ease of use that appeals to all consumer demographics.

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Hannibal Board of Public Works

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