One of the major challenges with any form of marketing is making sure your audience trusts the message you’re trying to communicate. What you say doesn’t matter at all if your audience doesn’t trust the message – if the audience doesn’t believe the message is authentic, you can actually do more harm than good with your marketing.

One of the most effective ways to ensure your message is credible is simply by having a customer or staff member give a genuine testimonial about your product or service. In these workplace testimonials for Sisbro, the message is simple: Sisbro is a great place to work. It’d be one thing for Sisbro to say this about themselves, but if that message comes from an actual employee, it carries much more credibility.

Testimonials like these can be an effective tool for any product or service. It gives your audience someone’s personal experience to relate to, and reinforces that experience with a built-in referral, building the audience’s trust in your message.

When it comes to testimonials, it’s always better to have them be unscripted. A viewer will easily determine when an interview is scripted or rehearsed, and again, this can actually harm your credibility more than if you hadn’t said anything at all. At Vervocity, we have years of experience conducting testimonial interviews in a way that communicates the message you want to relay, while also being completely genuine. Contact us today to see how testimonial videos can benefit your business!


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