Let’s Get Digital this week with our next employee spotlight – Josh Mullner. Our Let’s Get Digital segment features staff members from different departments around the office. Teamwork makes the dream work, and our employees know how to get the job done!

Josh joined Media Development (now Vervocity) in 2014 and has been producing eye-catching, engaging videos and photos for our clients ever since. He has created videos for clients across the country, and the projects we’ve uploaded to our YouTube Channel have received over 3.5 million views. Let’s explore Josh’s passion for commercial videography and photography and what it means to be a professional videographer.

1. How did you decide to become a professional videographer/photographer?

I started out in college pursuing a degree in journalism and broadcasting, and realized I much preferred the broadcasting side of things. I made some student films as well, and my first job was in creative services making commercials.

2. What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Many of our projects are very narrative focused. Being able to tell people’s stories and share them is very rewarding.

3. What are a few of the most fun projects that you’ve worked on?

We’ve had the opportunity to do a variety of fun projects for clients like Farm & Home Supply and Knapheide, and I always enjoy shooting sports.

4. How can businesses benefit from hiring a photographer/videographer that specializes in commercial production?

The primary benefit is having our team sit down with you to figure out how to tell your story, how to best deliver it to your target audience, and providing visuals that will set you apart from the ever increasing amount of marketing noise consumers are presented with.

5. What does an average workday look like for you?

Depends! If I’m editing that day, I’ll be at my desk sorting through footage, culling selects, and using those clips to assemble the final project. If I’m out shooting that day it could be anything!

6. What is your favorite thing about working at Vervocity?

Being part of a creative team that’s always elevating each other’s ideas and coming up with new, innovative ideas for our clients.

7. What is a fun fact about yourself not related to work?

I paint miniatures, albeit not all that well.

8. What advice do you wish you could tell your younger self?

Get more sleep.

9. If you could shoot video or photos anywhere in the world, where would you go?

So many possible answers here…I’d love to go to the Netherlands.

10. What would you say to clients considering professional photography or videography?

It’s an easy way to make a huge impact on your marketing. Our team makes the process very easy, and we’ll work collaboratively with you to come up with the best creative solution for your goals.

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