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The key with any video is to find a way to CONNECT YOUR AUDIENCE to the story being told. If your audience doesn’t feel engaged with the story, the message won’t resonate, have an impact, or ultimately motivate them to follow through on your CALL TO ACTION. When creating the storyboard for the Knapheide ‘Day in the Life’ videos, we knew we wanted to connect with audience and encourage emotion. A narrative approach became the best option to achieve that goal, and we began brainstorming and creating videos that allow the audience to become IMMERSED IN THE STORY.




Quincy, IL


The clear narrative approach that is taken with the Knapheide “Day in the life” videos is effective because it doesn’t just list off a spec sheet of features. Instead, we tell the story of a customer who actually uses the product. The video focuses on specific challenges these customers face in their jobs and how the Knapheide product helps them OVERCOME THOSE CHALLENGES. Potential customers watching the video can then identify with those challenges, and rather than being told how the Knapheide product can solve their problems, they can see it for themselves. The audience becomes a witness to the EFFECTIVENESS OF THE PRODUCT and can come to the conclusion completely on their own – which then makes them more open to accepting the call to action and contacting Knapheide to get a truck body of their own!

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