Trying to grow your Instagram followers? We hear ya! There’s no better place to show your personality and show off your expertise. It’s time to get to know Instagram better and really grow your number of followers and customer conversions. Try putting the following techniques into action to get real results.

Like other people’s photos. If you have time, leave several comments a day. This will help others discover you in a very natural and relatable way. Stick to topics that relate to your business and interests. Don’t forget to follow hashtags and interesting people and brands, checking back in with them weekly.

Geotag your photos. Others will see that they have a common interest in the locations you’ve been and they will likely keep following you.

Post consistently at least once a day for best results. If you post too frequently, your posts won’t have time to gain interaction … too infrequently and you just won’t come up in your followers feed. Plus, consistency breeds familiarity.

Choose the right hashtags. Targeting good hashtags can expose you to a larger audience and put your brand in front of people who care about your topics. Some of the most successful Instagram posts contain over 10 hashtags. Start with the obvious hashtags but don’t be afraid to search out related keywords that can help you really start trending. Scroll through your followers’ posts to see what they’re into and use tools like SocialMention to see what’s going on in real-time.

Promote your Instagram brand on other social media channels. Ninety-five percent of Instagram users are also on Facebook, according to Pew Research, so what better way to earn some new follows? Share special behind the scenes photos and videos to Instagram and then tease them on Facebook pointing users in the right direction to get the good stuff.

Aggregate content. This is where you find the best content out there and share it on your Instagram channel while giving proper credit to the creator. If your followers create great photos, share them while saying where you got them. They’ll be flattered you noticed and featured them!

Add a furry friend into the mix. People everywhere love cats, dogs, and other creatures. Your office pet can get your creativity flowing and help followers bond with you over common interests. This doesn’t necessarily mean your pet comes into the office … after all, you can take photos from home to share and customize later.

Run contests. Create a unique hashtag and ask your followers to share photos or videos with the hashtag to be drawn as a random winner. Ask them to tag you in the caption to be eligible to win. We recommend publishing contest rules that include who can win, contest run dates, and when and how you’ll pick the winner … then put the link to the rules landing page in your bio. Post frequently about the contest while tagging participants and your posts are sure to get likes and comments driving more and more participation.

Make sure your bio is complete. This means you need to use keywords and hashtags relevant to your brand. Really explain who you are in an efficient manner. Switch out the URL frequently and tie it to your posts to drive people to your website.