Have you ever been to an event and wanted to show your Facebook friends what was happening, but knew that pictures wouldn’t do it justice? Your problems are solved! Facebook Live is a new addition to Facebook’s numerous platforms for sharing. The purpose is to be able to show your friends what you are doing in real-time.

The advantages that come from Facebook Live are that it notifies your friends when you go live, that way your feed does not go unwatched. It also allows you to interact with your friends while you are live streaming. They can leave comments or questions and then you can verbally answer them on your stream. Sometimes the hardest part a business has is figuring out how to connect to the consumer, this eliminates the boundaries and creates the connection. Going live allows you to be more personal with your customers. They see into your workday and have a better understanding of your business. You can promote future events or sales that your business is having. The importance of this is that people get a notification when you are live streaming, that way no one misses out on your news.

A couple of tips to get the best results from Facebook Live is to do several test videos before you post for the first time. Facebook records each video, and then if any of your friends missed them, you can post them to your page. Take the time to be sure your video looks how you’d like it to look. Also, take several seconds to set up the stream to give followers a chance to start watching. When you first go live you can’t expect everyone to be ready to watch. You should make your video around 10 minutes to give people enough time to join your stream. Be sure to reintroduce yourself a couple of times and briefly explain what is going on in your video.

These are only a few of the benefits that your company could gain from utilizing Facebook Live. If you are not confident on the outreach your businesses’ social media accounts are having, give us a call at (217) 222-1451 to find out what we can do for you!