Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a form of digital marketing where you have to pay for the advertisement every time someone clicks on it. It’s a way to pay for more people to visit your site, rather than people just finding your site.

The most popular form of PPC is search engine advertising. Search engine advertising is when you pay for the placement of your ads in comparison to your competitors. The results of the search when using search engine advertising don’t appear in the regular search results but in the sponsored ad section.

When using pay-per-click, every time someone visits your website you have to pay the search engine the person using a small fee. With a successful PPC campaign, you will have larger sales from the clicks than what you paid for them.

Creating a successful PPC campaign is hard work. You must make sure you have the right keywords, a well-designed PPC landing page, and much more. At Vervocity in Quincy, IL, we have an on-staff PPC specialist to assist you with all your pay-per-click campaign needs!

Google AdWords

Think of Google AdWords as an auction; everyone is competing to win the highest search result but also spends the least amount of money possible.

You could have the highest bid, but Google will judge your PPC campaign, and if you don’t have the highest quality, your ad won’t display first. Google is in business to give you the best results; you can’t put a price on something when you’re comparing quality over quantity. You don’t have to stress if your campaign isn’t wholly optimized when you first start. Google will run your auction through their software billions of times each month. Doing this so often gives you a chance to be the auction’s winner.

How does Google determine what you pay?

You pay the minimum amount you can pay for the position you win if your ad is clicked on.

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