Websites can be powerful tools for growing your business. Done well, they position your company as the solution your prospects’ needs. Yet too often people are embarrassed by their website. Old content makes the site irrelevant. Outdated website plugins make the site crash. And maybe you’ve switched employees and you’re left without access to your site and can’t make any changes you need to.

At Vervocity in Quincy, IL, our website specialists are passionate about helping you with all your website support needs. Here are the things we’re ready to help you with.

Perform user testing

The way people use the web frequently changes. A website that felt natural and intuitive in 2015 may not work for users today. To make sure that it continues to do its job, we conduct usability testing regularly to make sure it works for visitors and looks good on all devices.

It’s important to bring in someone that isn’t associated with your business or brand to put fresh eyes on browsing your website. This helps you get a full picture of any issues. Let us create a maintenance schedule for making any updates to your website.

Forms testing

If your website includes contact forms and other forms to collect data from visitors, you want to be confident that they are working properly. It’s important for us to make test purchases or go through the process of filling out and submitting forms throughout your site to make sure they work on every device and are coming through to you in a timely manner. If any of your forms aren’t working correctly, you’re missing out on valuable leads, so make sure we help you catch issues sooner than later.

Fix broken links

Dead links on your website make you look bad and could cause visitors to leave the site altogether. It’s important that we provide preventative maintenance to ensure that none of your links take the viewer to a 404 page.

A website can end up with broken links from time to time as other websites you link to move, die, or change domains. It’s impossible to avoid this completely. With Vervocity Interactive in your corner, we can make sure that those broken links don’t remain for long. We’ll check for broken links and either remove them or replace them with updated links.

Security updates

Security breaches happen all the time. Securing your website from hackers has to be a priority for any brand that owns a website and it’s even more important if you run an e-commerce site that deals with consumer’s private data.

We check to make sure that all your platforms and plug-ins, and scripts are up to date. When developers release updates, it’s usually to improve security or patch vulnerabilities they’ve found and that makes it super important that we catch it right away. Don’t procrastinate any further or you could be putting your website and visitors needlessly at risk.

Regular backups

Have you ever worked hard on a project only to lose it after a long day? Well the same thing can happen to your website. All that hard work getting great content out there to the visitor, but suddenly a hole in your security allows a hacker to get in and take your site down completely. With a current backup solution, fixing the problem will be much easier. Let us save you the work and ensure that your backups are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Proper website maintenance is critical to helping your website grow. It’s a shame that many businesses lack a proper website maintenance plan. Let Vervocity just handle all that for you and save you time and money. Call (217) 222-1451 to meet with us about your needs soon!