For most of us, finding the latest Google search SEO trends to increase the rank of your site is not a difficult task. But its implementation is where you might struggle to strike a chord… So, to help you make an informed decision, here are the latest SEO trends that will transform the way you look at marketing.

How BERT affects SEO

BERT or otherwise known as Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is one of the most recent updates by Google. However, we have to note that this isn’t an update to their ranking algorithm. This update is to improve their understanding of the content found in the millions of websites on the world wide web.

Through BERT, Google’s understanding of words and their context & meaning deepens. They’ll be able to correctly ascertain what your content is all about. This means that most of us content creators will not be limited to using simple and easily understood words.

2020 won’t be different from the latter part of 2019 since most of the major updates happened during this time. I believe that the start of 2020 is when they’ll finalize and smoothen out all the updates they’ve released this year. So, it would be great for you to learn and understand how BERT affects Google’s search processes.

Google Chrome will start blocking HTTP resources in HTTPS pages

This wasn’t a major update, but this does affect how users interact with your website. Google has been pushing for a safer and more secure search experience for all the users. This wasn’t unexpected but a good number of webmasters have been affected by this update since this is more a gray area with regards to our websites. Since most of us, as long as the image or resource does the job, we put it in our pages. This is why I’ve made it a practice to produce my own images and upload them to my site for them to automatically be regarded as from an https source.

Make sure to adapt to this update with a secure website since you’ll not only look good to your visitors, but you’ll also be sending positive signals to Google and other search engines.

Blog writing SEO

Content is still king. That hasn’t changed since the year the phrase has been introduced. As Google improves its content learning process, blogging for SEO is more important than ever. Having optimized technical factors and backlinks won’t cut it. You’ll need content to be successful in search.

Through the guide questions, you’ll have a checklist that will not only ensure that you have a perfectly optimized content, but you’ll also be able to perfectly answer the user’s query you’re targeting.

Google advice on Core Update Recovery

This year has been full of core algorithm updates. SEOs and webmasters have been clamoring to find out the “solution” to these updates. Finally, Google has released its official “advice” to recovering from being hit by these continuous core updates.

One thing we have to understand is that core updates are never about a single search factor. It’s a holistic update to their core algorithm. This means that you can’t optimize a single technical factor inside your website. You have to improve your website as a whole.

What does E-A-T stand for?

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, otherwise known as E-A-T has been a buzzword in the SEO industry for some time now. It all started in 2018 and through numerous updates that hit numerous sites, E-A-T started gaining traction as one of the most important factors a site should have.

This 2020, I believe it won’t be any different. E-A-T is still a problem many websites are dealing with up to today and the best way, through numerous experiments and tests on my side and through Google’s official advice, improving your content to better fit your user’s needs is the best way to mitigate this problem.

Include video content for better conversion

One of the top SEO trends of 2020 is to include video content in your strategy. Video marketing has the power to make your customers stay tuned with the content it displays. The best video content includes a story line of the incidence and situations that can be linked to your audience.

Videos are one such medium that can help you in showing your products in action to your visitors. Although video is not one of the cheapest forms of content out there, it is definitely more engaging with high ROI. As per wyzowl, 83% of businesses believe that video gives them a good ROI. Not only this, the online video viewers were 228.8 million alone in the U.S. and this number expected to reach 248.9 million by 2022.

Videos give you the power of creating versatile content which helps the marketer to paint a real picture of the product in their prospects’ minds. Customers also love videos because they are easy to digest and saves their time by not having to read long-form content.

75% of internet users only visit the first page of a search engine when performing a search query, motive enough, to optimize your website and achieve the first rankings. Appearing in the first ten results, boost the possibilities of impacting your business goals in a positive way.

High-level management should invest in SEO marketing as a long-term strategy that could bring large amounts of leads and revenues if you are constantly acquainted with the trends. Keyword stuffing, low-quality content, link exchanging, and duplicate content are techniques used in the past that were performing well just to rank but are no longer valuable for users and search engines.

Define your SEO strategy with these 2020 trends in mind. People will search how they speak and how they see while doing several activities at the same time. Therefore, making searches an easy and faster way to find what they want in a hurried life is the way to go to be at the top of their minds.