When you think of Vervocity, what services come to mind? We offer a full complement of marketing, advertising, and digital services; but do you know everything that encompasses? You might have seen our logo at the bottom of websites. Maybe you’ve watched a commercial we’ve shared or a social media post we’ve been tagged in. However, we also provide multiple projects where we take a more behind-the scenes approach. At Vervocity, we offer comprehensive strategies and solutions customized for your business from start to finish.

Hiring us as a full-service marketing agency doesn’t mean you have to use everything we offer. Choose our services a la carte or bundled depending on your goals. Below you’ll find a list of services you might not know Vervocity provides.

Custom Programming

We create and customize digital solutions to help your business operate more efficiently and effectively. We have worked with every type of business to design tailored solutions for simplifying business processes, eliminating waste, organizing data, identifying production bottlenecks, and ultimately improving the bottom line. Your business processes don’t have to be complicated or require multiple programs to do one job. Talk to us about a goal you have for your business procedures, and we’ll build a custom digital solution that works to exceed your expectations.

We have experience creating custom applications in the following areas. Even if you don’t see your project listed below, contact us and we’ll work together to build an application that meets your needs.

custom programming services

Mobile App Development

Most mobile users use some type of app on their device every single day. Life is mobile, and mobile apps provide convenience to customers. Take a look at your phone now. Do you see an app for your bank? Maybe a real estate or budgeting app? Do your children constantly ask for your phone to play their favorite games? No matter the industry, mobile apps can promote brand awareness, serve as an additional sales channel, and provide customers with 24/7 access to your business.

Mobile apps are a beneficial compliment to your website because they can provide features that your website cannot. For example, you can send push notifications right to your customers’ phones that direct them to your mobile app. You can also enable geolocation within your app that shows users results based on their exact location. Whatever your goal may be, our developers are trained in the latest technology and can develop applications for several operating systems. We’ll even launch your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play, too!

Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is one of our specialties, but we also have years of experience in traditional marketing for clients across the nation. From billboards and brochures to tv commercials and direct mailers, our graphic design and videography teams are experts at creating outbound marketing strategies that resonate with customers. We’ll also make sure that all of your branding is consistent. Since we offer both digital and traditional services, we’ll create a strategy across all platforms that your customers can easily recognize.

Branding & Logo Development

Whether your business is just starting out or it’s time for a rebrand, trust Vervocity to handle your branding and logo development. We’ll research elements that have proven to work within your industry while also creating an image that is unique to your brand. We’ll help you stand out against your competition and stay true to your values at the same time. Your brand is the foundation of your business and critical to your future success. Let us help you make it look professional, established, and trustworthy.

Logo and brand style guides ensure consistency in every application of your brand’s strategy. We don’t just create your logo or branding and wish you the best. We put together brand standards and guidelines that detail exactly how your image should be shown. Your fonts, colors, spacing, sizing, and brand details are clearly defined with no room for variations. We want to ensure your brand’s image remains consistent through every marketing platform, and we’ll show you exactly how to make that happen.

Blog Posts

You’ve probably heard it many times before – content is king. Blog posts are one of the best ways to enhance your search engine optimization efforts and provide your website with fresh content. At Vervocity, we create blog posts for a variety of industries. We will work with you to determine a regular schedule for your posts and create content directly curated for your unique customers.

All of our post topics also include top keywords for your industry. We combine research, time, and an in-depth understanding of your business to create content your customers want to know. Have an idea for a topic? Let us know! We’ve written blog posts about upcoming events, employee spotlights, and recent news to keep clients informed on the inner workings of your business.

Email Newsletters

Did you know that email marketing has one of the highest return on investments for marketing strategies? Billions of people actively use email, and a large percentage of that number check their email every day. With such a high target platform, email marketing is an ideal way to instantly deliver information to people you know are interested in your brand. After all, they signed up to receive your newsletter!

Collecting email addresses is an important part of email marketing. Not only will Vervocity design your newsletter, we’ll also make it easier for your customers to sign up to receive it. Through our web design services, we can add a section for newsletter sign-ups directly on your website. One of the benefits of working with a full-service marketing and digital service company is that we can combine our services to deliver exactly what you need from start to finish.

Photography & Videography

Businesses that use photos and videos of their own location, people, products, or services are more likely to build brand trust. Customers want to see who they’re doing business with, and stock photos can appear too generic. Let us help you showcase who you are and what you have to offer through exceptionally stunning photography and videography. We offer professional photography services that capture the essence of your business or services, and show the real people doing the real work behind your doors. Our high-quality photography inspires audiences to feel something and take action. We’ll help you promote emotion along with your products and services.

Like photography, videography can be used throughout your marketing efforts. Websites, billboards, social media, brochures, digital ads, recruitment campaigns, informational videos, and television commercials are all elements of your marketing strategy that highly benefit from photography and videography. Our professional video and photo services elevate your brand and create images that make an impression on your target audience.

Website Hosting & Security Plans

Even if we didn’t design your website, we still offer website hosting and security plans. You don’t need a Vervocity built site to take advantage of our 24/7 security monitoring, weekly backups, regular updates, and more. While we would love to talk with you about building a new site if you find your current site has problems, we also want to protect your business and your customer’s information. All of our hosting and security plans come with access to our team of professionals to answer any questions you might have about your website’s current theme updates, plugin operations, speed, and security configurations. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind knowing your website is maintained, secured, and kept up to date.


The number of customers purchasing products online continues to rise every year. People are able to shop from the comfort of their homes, and it’s easier than ever to purchase a product in as little as a few clicks. If you aren’t offering your products online, you could be missing out. Vervocity has designed and developed e-commerce websites for both local and national clients. We work with our clients to determine e-commerce solutions that will work for them, whether that be a traditional shopping cart or custom developed platforms. Order tracking, shipping, billing, and more are all possible to integrate within an e-commerce system created by us. We want to make the e-commerce experience as easy as possible for not only your business, but your customers as well.

At Vervocity, we offer a full complement of marketing, advertising, and digital services that are strategically planned and exceptionally executed. All of our services are customized to our unique clients and can be combined to create complete business strategies. Even if you only need help with one of our services, we’ve got you covered.

Other services we offer include: pay-per-click advertising, social media management, search engine optimization, website design and development, and website ADA accessibility.

Let’s chat about how Vervocity can help you reach your business goals. Contact us today to get started.