Your brand’s image is one of the most important aspects of your company. It tells your customers who you are and what you stand for. However, as time goes on, those things may evolve, making your original branding no longer effective. When this happens, it could be time for a rebrand.

Rebranding includes changing the name, logo, design, and marketing strategies of your business to better reflect its image. Sometimes, companies try to continue processes or values that no longer work. Change then becomes necessary.

A company rebrand doesn’t have to be scary. Some of the most recognizable brands, like Taco Bell, Ford, and McDonald’s, have gone through at least one complete rebranding strategy. In fact, we even rebranded Vervocity in 2020. Company goals change, and a rebrand could be the solution to meeting those goals.

A successful rebrand can help you redefine your image, realign your vision, and reconnect with your customers. So how do you know when a rebrand may be the best decision for your company? Here are six signs it’s time to rebrand your business. 

1. Your Brand’s Vision Has Changed

As your company’s vision evolves, so should your brand. It’s okay to update or change your brand’s name to stay flexible and timeless. Don’t be afraid to stray away from the name you’ve had for decades if it no longer serves your vision or values. Your brand’s image should be a reflection of its identity, and your branding strategy should include room for what your business hopes to become. 

Rebranding Suggestion: Evaluate your business name and logo to make sure it still fits the company’s vision and values. Update your website to reflect any changes.

2. You’ve Outgrown Your Brand

It’s not uncommon for a brand to outgrow its original business plan. New products, services, and opportunities for business expansion can all contribute to an outdated logo, style guide, and vision. Even with years of successful service to a community, a brand may become stale or unexciting to customers. Stay relevant with the culture of your community and look for ways to evolve your brand if it becomes outdated. 

For example, if your business originally created bandanas for dogs but now wants to expand to cats and matching attire for owners, it could be time to rebrand. A change in physical location could also create a need for a rebrand. Make sure your brand’s image changes as your business does.

Rebranding Suggestion: Launch a new or re-designed slogan or marketing campaign to introduce your expansion or instill excitement in your customers again. 

3. You’re Not Standing Out

You know your business is unique, but your branding strategy isn’t reflecting that. It’s time to remind customers of what makes you different, and why you stand out against your competition. Generic logos made from online templates can cause your brand to look similar to other companies within your industry. If customers are confusing you with your competitors or don’t associate your brand with one of your main services, it’s time to start looking into why your brand isn’t standing out and how you can change that.

Rebranding Suggestion: Rebrand your logo or website with a unique design that encompasses your vision and your company’s name.

4. You Want to Reconnect

Customers relate to brands that make them feel emotion. Have you lost touch with your target audience? Or maybe your target audience has changed? Whether you’re looking to reconnect with your current customers or target new consumers, connecting with your audience on a personal level will help them see your brand again. Identify the parts of your business that meet your customers’ needs, and remind them of why your business is essential. Expand your business name to incorporate a wider audience to avoid excluding potential customers. Make your brand visible again by creating an emotional attachment between your business and its customers.

Rebranding Suggestion: Create a compelling video that reintroduces your brand by introducing your new logo and design.

5. Your Brand Lacks Consistency

If there’s one thing we preach in our blogs and messaging, it’s consistency. Consistency is the key to all of your marketing efforts and strategies. Consistent logos and messaging are how customers recognize your brand across all different types of platforms. They establish your identity and build trust with consumers. The more your customers are exposed to your brand, the more likely they are to do business with you. Inconsistent messaging will cause confusion and an inability to associate your brand with its products or services. 

Luckily, brand consistency is easy. Once you’ve established a clear style guide, all of your marketing efforts will have set rules to follow. You’ll be able to reach your customers with the same image every time, increasing your chances for customer returns and loyalty. Consistent branding benefits businesses of all sizes. 

Rebranding Suggestion: Replace any inconsistent logos, fonts, colors, or designs with one uniform style guide.

6. You’ve Had a Change of Ownership

For legal reasons, a change of ownership within a company could require a rebranding. However, in times when it’s not required, rebranding could help to better align the company with the new owner’s vision for it. It also provides an opportunity for the business to introduce the new owners and get customers excited about upcoming changes. Even if your business still offers the same products, services, and industry knowledge, a rebranding could present the company in an entirely new way.

Many reasons exist for wanting a rebrand, but do know that it does come with risks. Rebrands should not be taken lightly. Market and customer research, along with an in-depth look into your company’s goals and values, should always be conducted before launching a new strategy. Time, effort, and hard-work are needed for a successful change. Just because you can rebrand, doesn’t mean you frequently should. Determine a rebranding strategy that incorporates your current goals with room to grow in the future. 

If you feel like your business is stuck in a rut or your strategy is no longer working, give us a call! Not only do we have personal experience with rebranding, we’ve also helped other businesses successfully rebrand. Partial rebrands may be a better option if you’re wanting to keep the original essence of what makes your brand unique but are looking for an entirely new way to market your business.

Whatever your needs may be, we have the resources and capabilities to create a branding strategy that works for you. Contact us today to get started.