It’s difficult to stand out and command consumer attention these days. Today’s consumers have nearly unlimited options for where they choose to focus their time and attention and you have to fight for top rung. Even when they’re engaged in one activity, they’re also usually multi-tasking with another device and are exposed to multiple brands.

In a saturated media environment, it can be incredibly challenging to get consumers to pay attention. That’s why establishing and building brand awareness is so important. Brands can no longer count on being noticed whenever they advertise like in the early days of media. Today it is important to find ways to be remembered and recognized so that when a consumer need arises, your brand is top of mind.

Differentiate yourself

Want to hook consumers fast? Start by establishing a differentiating feature to make your brand memorable.

Your differentiator will depend entirely on what kind of brand you are. For some brands, it might be innovating in a space that’s ripe for disruption. For other brands, it could be a cool factor initiative. Going even one step further, for others it could be a long history of quality and workmanship or a commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The key is to think about which of your brand attributes will get people talking. If a customer were to recommend you to a friend, what would they give as the reason for doing so?

Be seen everywhere

Next you need to ensure that you’re playing in multiple content channels. You don’t know where your audience is until you look, so experiment with content in different formats and mediums.

It’s important to have enticing headlines. Something that demands to be read. And one a user reads the article, what are the chances they will remember you, the brand with the catchy and impressive information? Pretty high.

Invest in SEO

At first glance SEO might not seem like a channel that’s built for creating brand awareness, but in fact it’s a powerful tool for this purpose. Users turn to Google for answers to their questions or to find a product they need or want. If your brand can have visibility in search when such a need arises and you can actually provide value to the user, your likelihood of being recognized or remembered in the future increases regardless of whether the user converts on that first visit.

Don’t commit these brand awareness mistakes

In an “always on” environment, repetitive exposure is key to winning consumer recognition. Don’t have too little content out there. You need quantity AND quality when it comes to your content.

Don’t be on the wrong platforms. As you experiment, it will become clear that some channels outperform others, and still others are not right for your brand at all. It really pays to be on the lookout for opportunities to connect with the consumer in new places online.

Don’t make the wrong impression. It’s critical to understand how your brand is perceived. Does this line up with how you wish to be perceived? If not it’s essential to devise a content strategy that specifically and compellingly addresses those consumer misapprehensions.

With so many companies clamoring to captivate users, brands can’t rely on standing out simply by having a presence in a specific channel. Investment in building awareness is key to any brand’s success. Vervocity can help you develop strong differentiating factors and content quality and volume on a variety of platforms. Give us a call today at (217) 222-1451 and we’ll begin to develop a plan unique to your business.