Your marketing efforts can be maximized by building your email list over time. Over time is the key phrase here. Email lists don’t just come to you … they must be built and that takes time. It’s time to start building in 2019!

Ensure current clients are on your list.

If you collect email addresses at your point of sale, use your system to export that list and add it to your email list. You should also make sure that going forward, your current clients can sign up easily in your office. Take their email down before they leave or provide a sign-up sheet at the register.

Let them sign up via mobile device.

It’s time to make it really easy to sign-up. Everyone has a smartphone. Systems such as Constant Contact have a text-to-join tool that makes sign-ups go smoothly. All you need to do is create a sign to hang up or post your code online to people can just send a text message and easily join your list.

People won’t sign up unless they know about it.

Add call-to-action messages on your social media channels as another way to easily get new sign-ups. Facebook has an app called Join My Mailing List which enables people to join your mailing list in just one-click, and there are similar tools and buttons available for other platforms.

Sign-up incentives will drive growth.

People love signing up for free things. Offer a coupon to those who sign-up. You can also offer a free blog entry to those who put in their email address. You could also run a contest. If there’s a great prize to be won, you’re likely to see subscribers increase steadily. Give away a free consultation or package of your services or products. Gift cards or gift certificates work well, too.

Sell your valuable content.

Really sell your content to subscribers. At the point of sign-up, be prepared to talk about what comes in your emails. The more helpful your email content is, the more people will sign-up to receive them. Your content should be relevant and timely for the reader.

These tips can help you increase your subscribers over time. A simple opt in box on your website is not enough these days. You have to actively work for your email subscribers and we’re glad to help you succeed! Contact Vervocity in Quincy, IL for email marketing services.