Interested in bringing your mobile app idea to life? Mobile apps elevate your business to the next level by providing customers with convenience, promoting brand awareness, and serving as an additional sales channel.

Our mobile app development team has years of experience in creating apps for all kinds of businesses. We create wireframes (think of these like blueprints) and custom features to develop an app that works specifically for you.

Here are the five key steps our app development process follows and what you can expect during this process.

1.) Project Initiation

This first step is dedicated to learning about what you want and identifying your goals. By gathering information, we will work with you to structure a plan for moving your app forward.

Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? That’s okay! We provide discoveries that include deep research and an analysis of your idea.

2.) Design & Flow

The best way to kick off any app creation is by planning out the details. After compiling a list of what you’re looking for in the app, we’ll create a wireframe / mock up of how the app will operate and look. This ensures that the developers are on the same page with you and everyone has an understanding of what the end result will be.

3.) App Development

During the development phase, our Designers and Mobile Programmers work to build out the application; following the confirmed design, wireframe, flow, and use of any backend sources. The app development step includes most of the work required to make the app functional. This step by step process also goes along side of “Testing & Review.”

4.) Testing & Review

Because every app has its own set of unique features and timelines, a clear line of communication is key to any project’s success. Therefore, once we’ve completed a step or section, we will check in with the you for demos and review to ensure the process is going accordingly.

We also review the functionality of custom features in this step, including push notifications, offline features, and phone features. This is the final step for testing and approval before launch.

5.) Deployment & Support

Now that the app has been approved, we can begin publicly rolling out the app to users. After launch, we continuously monitor for any issues or changes that may need to be made after the initial launch. We’ll also update the app as you receive user feedback about the overall functionality.

Our support doesn’t just end at the initial launch – we make sure your app operates successfully.


When it comes to building a mobile app, Vervocity has you covered every step of the way. From concept to launch, we will work with you to create an app that is efficient, functional, and unique to your brand. We’ll even launch the app in the Apple Store and Google Play for you!

Begin your mobile app development process by contacting us today!