As more and more customers shop online via smartphone, building a mobile app to keep up with the demand could be the right move for you!

Many business owners miss out on the gold mine that is m-commerce simply because they shy away from development costs on mobile-based applications. Fortunately, app development is a mere fraction of the price it used to be even as recently as five years ago.

Until recently, app development was something complex, distant, and intimidating. The people who built and designed apps were magical people who had massive brainpower. With the digitization of almost everything on the planet, from bill payments to e-retail, app development has come a long way.

If applications like “remember to drink water” exist, there is absolutely no reason your business shouldn’t have its own.

Sell Faster

The greatest ideas are usually the simplest ones. In one click, you find exactly what you need. Don’t know what to choose? Another click allows you to get help and advice quickly. Then just click to make an order and pay. What can be more convenient for your customer? In three clicks, your product is sold and your customer is happy.

Better Service

Your customers will have the privilege of ordering, purchasing, or making reservations at any given moment, from anywhere on the planet. The convenience of home delivery and the option to pay via the app simplifies the process even more.

Your potential customers love saving time, so seize this opportunity!

Update Customers Fast

It is important for customers to see all the relevant information about the goods and services you provide. Use your application to inform your clients about updates, special offers, new products on sale, etc.

Push Notifications are Your Ally

Push notifications allow you to stay in touch with your customers and remind them to shop. Customers often install an app that they later forget to use or don’t use frequently enough. Push notifications are a great way to send information to customers and remind them of your app.

You can use push notifications for a variety of different purposes. For example, you can inform customers of a new feature in your app, distribute coupons, or send them information about current discounts or bestsellers.

Another great thing to do is to personalize content sent through push notifications. You can do this by creating events by which you will know user behavior and habits. By knowing more about your customers, you can easily sell to mobile e-commerce visitors.

Be Accessible

With an app, your business is accessible to customers at all times. Brick-and-mortar stores are operated by humans and function according to a set schedule. That means a customer cannot visit or order anything from your physical store when it is closed. By using your app, however, a customer can order, browse, and checkout 24/7/365.

The average human spends at least two hours a day on their mobile phone. Having your app visible each time they look at the application index menus on their device, it is more likely that they will use your app.

Consumers have come to expect technology to be with them wherever they go. Case in point: 98% of millennials, now the largest generation, own a smartphone – and as of last year, one in five millennials don’t even own a desktop computer. According to the research company, Gartner, 70% of enterprise software interactions take place on mobile devices. Accessibility is key in making your brand customer-friendly.

Improved Customer Engagement

Your mobile app is an added channel to deliver seamless customer service. With it, customers can download your app from the app store and connect with your business quickly. This engagement eventually helps increase sales and the revenue of your business.

Moreover, mobile apps allow you to resolve customer queries quickly, making customer service a simpler and more efficient process for businesses.

Simplicity is Key

Simplicity is the most important part of any app. It creates a competitive advantage when onboarding users. Therefore, customers using your app should have a seamless experience, not a complex and frustrating one.

If your app is too complicated and you’re redirecting your users constantly without providing proper information, they will delete your app and move on to your competitor.

Try to provide a seamless experience for users by using simplicity as a key to creating a better app.

Features and Design

Well-designed, eye-catching apps make people want to use them. While basics like functionality, usability, and layout help the user experience, it’s also necessary that they have the right features to meet their needs.

Your mobile app should have easy access to information and seamless navigation. Many users have short attention spans, so if your app is difficult to operate, they will quickly lose interest. To ensure an optimized user experience, make sure to provide a clear, uncluttered layout with an obvious path to the next step. Additionally, make sure that what users see on their screen is sufficiently detailed to make their experience worthwhile.

Users will have different operating systems – Android, iOS and Windows – on their devices, so it’s necessary to make your mobile app available on all of them. Different screen sizes and resolutions are tested on all systems and browsers to ensure everything is working properly.

Another factor is the visibility of important buttons on the mobile app. Buttons like “Add to Cart”, “Checkout”, and “Buy Now” should always be on the top or prominent positions of the screen. Button placement is also crucial for increasing your online sales, and the right placement in the right font will lead to more clicks and sales.

In Conclusion

Developing a well-functioning mobile app can provide a great competitive advantage for your business. It can help boost your brand’s presence, make your services more accessible, improve customer loyalty, and drive up your sales.

The convenience of shopping on e-commerce apps has boomed m-commerce and become a boon for online companies. Developing an app specifically for your business can help improve both site and user experience for your customers.

Do you need to have a mobile app for your business?

It is highly recommended! Once again, mobile apps attract customers to your business. At Vervocity, we will work with you to develop a mobile app that perfectly fits the needs of your business. Your website visitors will appreciate a user-friendly and easy-to-use mobile app. Begin the process of increasing sales with a mobile app by contacting us to start a conversation!