Mobile apps are not just for big-name brands anymore. They are for any brand that wants to interact with clients or customers. From building your brand and providing value, your dedicated mobile app can do one of a number of things.

Make work simpler

Vervocity can help you create an app to streamline your processes. It might be for internal use, be client-facing, or even both!

We have experience creating an app to help service representatives access work orders from a tablet anywhere on the job. The app allows the rep to sync their device with a computer once in the morning to know where they are going and what they are doing for the day. Then when they have gone through the day’s workload, they sync again for bookkeeping purposes. The team effectively threw out the concept of work invoices and order forms, saving both time and money!

We’ve also created an app that helps our clients organize their customer’s belongings for a move. Instead of using invoices and clipboards to track all the belongings, the app organizes every item by home and room, complete with photos, lists, and more.

Showcase your brand

Vervocity can create a branded app that walks the user through consumer behaviors, business objectives, and more. We’ll let you define what success means for your app and we’ll make sure it delivers.

Branded apps can be utility-based to assist the user make a decision or take a similar action. Think picking paint colors, or comparing homes for sale. A branded app can also be a game to raise brand awareness or promote interacting or connecting with other users.

Make money fast

Lastly your branded app could be strictly for e-commerce. Did you know that mobile sales is now nearly 30 percent of all U.S. e-commerce?

You need an app that is uncluttered, works on any number of mobile devices, has a quick registration and checkout process, and gets users to their favorite product or service fast. If it happens to feature rewards and discounts, that would be an added bonus to help you entice customers to shop.

We can help you stand out from the crowd

If you are part of a competitive market for products or services, you need to take action to stand out from the other guys. Vervocity is ready to make you accessible to your customers 24/7 through an app, effectively allowing you to develop great relationships with customers and create sales opportunities. We’ve been building mobile apps for years and have the right foundation to take you from planning and design to testing and deployment. Contact us today.