Is your head spinning when it comes to social media management? You are not alone. Many don’t know which platform is right for their type of business. This means you could be diluting your message or be headed in the wrong direction with your effort. We’ll start by explaining best uses for top platforms and conclude with what it means to embrace more than one account for your business.


Facebook is right for every business. There are over 1.71 billion monthly active Facebook users, according to Facebook as of July of 2016. The conversion rate as of Q1 2016 is at 1.08%, according to Referrer, so it’s safe to say it’s the highest rate out of any social platform.

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If you’re in education, retail sales, athletics, or are a community organization, Twitter could be for you. According to Twitter, users can discover what’s happening right now, increase brand awareness, provide timely customer service, and connect with influencers. Tweets are in real-time and the fastest way to get more followers is to write messages that power distributors see and pass on.


Instagram is a great place for retailers to showcase their wares and restaurants to connect to foodies through creative photography. The average price tag for a referred sale on Instagram is $65 compared to $55 on Facebook and $46 on Twitter, according to e-commerce platform Shopify.


Businesses that are a perfect match for Pinterest might include real estate agents, wellness professionals, and clothing stores. In Pinterest, you create boards and pin items for others to see. Pins link the user to your website or to your content on the web. You can pin recipes, clothing for sale, wardrobe tips, and even tips on how to stage a home.

The absolute worst thing a business can do is get on all these platforms and then fail. Failure could mean creating all the accounts and then never using them. It could also mean posting and walking away—never answering questions, replying to or liking comments, or adding personality to your content.

It is possible to concentrate your social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter, or work on Facebook and Instagram, or even to be on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest at the same time. Begin with a plan and set aside the time weekly to nurture each account. Use your email calendar or smartphone to schedule reminders and block out your time.