In a society that relies on the Internet to find the closest businesses “near me,” digital listings have become increasingly important. A business that is not listed online is missing out on potential customers. In fact, according to a Yelp survey, 85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. That’s a large percentage of consumers not seeing your brand.

The good news is that local listings are relatively easy to set up. Many are free and don’t require much more than basic information about your business. When optimized effectively, they can even push you to the top of search results in features such as Google Maps. Local digital business listings have a multitude of benefits, and we’ve collected the top ten reasons local digital listings are important.

1. Google Business Profiles have become a direct competitor to the Yellow Pages

Many of us no longer receive Yellow Pages in the mail, but their website is still a useful tool as an online directory. A listing in Google Business Profiles and the Yellow Pages will reach consumers with different preferences for finding local businesses.

2. Reviews allow potential customers to get to know your reputation

Studies have shown that customers put more trust in businesses that have positive reviews. Listings allow customers to view the experiences of others, see how you respond to potentially negative comments, and get an overview of customer feedback.

3. Your business appears on Google map searches

Whether customers are searching general terms or directly looking for your business name, Google Maps provides directions to your physical location at the tap of a button.

4. Boosts the ranking of your website

If you fill out as much of the information as possible on your Google Business Profile, including products and services, it will help Google understand your business more. Additionally, the listing will improve your authority score with Google, giving them more trust that your business is reputable. These two ingredients are very important when Google decides how far up the page your website should rank for the appropriate keywords.

5. Some listings are free

Platforms like Google Business Profile and Yelp offer free listing profiles. They’ll also guide you through information you should include. With no costs involved in the initial set-up, it’s a no-brainer to use these local listings.

6. Provides essential information to customers

Online listings allow you to communicate a ton of information about your business with potential customers. Operating hours, brands, services, products sold, directions, phone numbers, and news updates can all be included in one listing. You can also post videos and images to some listings as well.

7. Allows customers to find your business and contact you easily

Imagine how easy it is for customers to search ‘hair salons near me’ and immediately see your business. Better yet, they don’t even need to visit a new page to get your contact information. Contacting you becomes as simple as searching and clicking.

8. Helps tourists

If you are located in an area with high tourist traffic, a Google Business Profile listing is vitally important because that’s how tourists find local businesses to visit.

9. Drives traffic to your website

Listings send people to your website where you gain the opportunity to give viewers more information about your business and more ways to contact you.

10. Important data can be pulled from your Google My Business listing

Information and analysis from your listings will help you learn more about your customers and their shopping habits.

We hope we’ve convinced you that digital listings are vital to complimenting your online success as a business. They provide important information to a large number of potential customers you know are looking for a product or service related to your business.

At Vervocity, we not only have experience setting up online listings, but also optimize them to appear above your competitors through search engine optimization. Local listings are a powerful tool, and we can help you get the most out of their benefits. Let’s set up a time to chat about promoting your business online.