The traditional Valentine’s Day can get a bit predictable with roses and chocolate, but it doesn’t have to be. The Vervocity team decided to think outside the (chocolate) box this year and give you some last-minute, tech-y gift ideas. Go with these ideas and you’ll be a hero … and really, these gifts would work for any gift-giving occasion!

Cut the cord

You can’t go wrong with wireless headphones. If your significant other is sporty, do your research and find something that will work for long runs or an active lifestyle. We also came across the Phiaton BT 460 headphones that feature ShareMe™ technology. With ShareMe™, you and your love can share music AND cut the cord!

Tech-themed valentines

Paper valentine cards are just fine if you’re into that, but we suggest embracing technology to put your Valentine’s Day feelings into words! The Consumer Technology Association put together a few fun, tech-themed cards this season. Download one today and text it to someone or just share the card on social media.

Up the game

It doesn’t get much more romantic than Fingle for iPad. This game (available for purchase or in a free version) gives you an excuse to get close. Two players must touch the screen and each other’s fingers to solve puzzles. This game is a really fun ice breaker!

Digital photos

Consider gifting a digital picture frame. When is the last time you developed a photo? Digital photo frames are the perfect gift for anyone with space on their desk at work, a shelf at home, or another cozy spot to show off all their favorite photographs. Price points vary on digital frames, so you’re sure to find something at your local store or online to suit your budget. The final part of the gift is to put some of your favorite pics on a thumb drive to upload instantly, but don’t forget to add one last snapshot of yourself as their valentine!

The color of love

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like red cases for your tech gadgets. Find your loved one a red phone case, a red tablet case, or any other red accessories. We often purchase a case on the day we buy the phone and never buy another case … maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Red is just an idea … really you could buy any case, in any color, and your significant other will be excited you took the time to think about them!

Bonus suggestion

You could always buy them a website design! Vervocity is more than ready to help you with that gift idea!