There’s a new development over at Instagram. Where it used to be close to impossible to get verified, you now have a slight chance. Instagram used to verify larger, more established accounts belonging to public figures, brands, and celebrities when no one was looking. There was no way to request verification … it would just happen. That’s where the new change comes into play this August.

You now have the option to request verification. Just go to your settings and tap “request verification”. Then you’ll need to fill in the blanks and include a photo of your ID if you’re a person or a legal business ID if you are a business. Once sent, the request will be considered by Instagram. A response could take a while, so hang in there. They’ll let you know if they decline the request, too.

Instagram will not verify just any account out there. There are a few boxes that must be ticked to earn that verification.

  • Are you a real person, a registered business, or an actual brand?
  • Do you have multiple accounts? Only one will be verified as duplicates are disregarded.
  • Is your account set to public?
  • Have you filled out your bio and put a real profile photo in place?
  • Are you established as a well-known and trusted user? (They’re going to investigate that you have been featured online as a trusted source.)

As you can see, it’s not easy to be verified on Instagram. If it were easy, everyone would be verified and that would take away the authenticity of the designation.

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