You are going to love these three suggestions to help you build a stronger following on nearly any social media platform. While these social media marketing tips may seem basic, they give you a solid foundation to improve your strategy and convert more leads.

Take honest photos

While stock photography is beautiful, it’s not always true for your company. You also have to worry about copyright infringement when you go looking for images online. If you weren’t worried before, you should be now. Combat that feeling by taking your own original images.

Give your followers something interesting by sharing behind-the-scenes photos. Show your staff in real-life situations or have fun. Above all, be creative! Things don’t have to be perfect or staged. Just get out your phone and snap a photo of the staff mid-bite at the company cookout. Potential customers or clients will be able to relate. They’ll see you as real people, and pay you a visit over your competitors.

Shorten your posts

We’ve all seen it before. Posts that go on and on and on. The reality is, if the reader has to click “More” to expand your post, they’re likely to just move on. It’s also important to note that more than half a billion people access Facebook solely from their mobile devices monthly. Most of these users don’t choose to read long-form content on such a tiny screen.

To remedy this situation, treat your posts as headlines. Try to use fewer than 50 characters. Get rid of unnecessary details and get creative to make the reader click through to your website for the rest of the story.

Create share-worthy content

People love to share relatable content. Create a short, insightful bit of text laid over a photo. Your text might convey a statistic, a moving quote, or even a silly phrase. Do your research and look for topics that are trending or timely.

Write how-to articles on your website that people will use or share. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and assume they need step-by-step instructions to reach an end goal. Don’t be afraid to give too much. If they can already find information on it elsewhere online, you should be their number one resource on the topic.

Make it your goal to become an authority with personality and your posts will make the kind of impact you need to bring people (and their wallets) in the door.