Online marketing can be pricey, but if you’re looking for a cost-effective route to take, it would be SEO … Search Engine Optimization. SEO should be the foundation of your online presence.

A recent survey by Global Market Research giant Mintel notes that nearly 70 percent of consumers and 82 percent of millennials seek opinions online before buying. The Search Engine Journal also reports that 70 percent of the links search users click on are organic.

Think of it as branding

Don’t look at SEO as a cost but as an investment for the future of your company. Think of it as another accessory to the branding you had to have. You didn’t pass on developing your logo or marketing brochures. You proofread and designed that branding with care. Now it’s time to do the same with your website.

Damage control

Bad content is hurting your SEO. Cultivating better content is the heartbeat of SEO. Good posts to your website will come across to search engines as good links and improve your search engine ranking. Skip the fluffy, brief articles for longer articles with more relevant content tied appropriately to the other pages within your website with links. It is all about context and a natural connection. Take your time with link building and if it comes gradually it will draw the eye of search engines in a good way.

Living, breathing beast

You are missing an opportunity if you create a website and then let it just sit there. Your website should be a growing and developing resource to your audience. Internet users eat content for breakfast and expect businesses and sources to keep it coming. You should regularly add fresh content containing your targeted keywords so search engines see you as relevant and visitors keep coming back. From blogs to testimonials, keep it fresh.

Fight for first

If you’re not first, your competitor will be. Your business should strive to be the top search result. SEO targets keywords within a strategy to gain momentum and move you up in search rankings.

“You wouldn’t give your competitor the chance to put a billboard up right in front of yours, so don’t give online traffic the chance to see your competitor first in their search results.” ~Michelle Schuckman, Digital Marketing Specialist

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