A website designed to focus on you and not your customers could be the reason they’re leaving.
Brands often make the mistake of designing a website that focuses on what they want the customer to know, rather than what customers want to accomplish. They forget to answer customer questions, making it difficult for viewers to locate important information. Using customer focused content to drive your website will lead to better customer conversions.
By not considering your customer base, your website design could be the reason leads, sales, and customers are being driven away. To learn how to design a website for your customers, let’s take a look at how to understand them.

Identify Your Target Audience

Marketing to the right audience is the key to a successful website. What is the intended group you want to reach and convert into paying customers? You can identify your target audience by focusing on demographics (age, education level, profession, location, etc.). What are their desires, problems or issues, and how does your product or service solve their problem? Outlining key benefits of your brand will help convert those site visitors into customers.

Understand Your Audience

Getting to know your target audience will help you meet their needs. Think about the frequently asked questions you get from existing customers and be sure to answer those questions on your website. Expand upon the most popular pages of your website. Ongoing research and testing even after your site has gone live will help drive continuous improvements to your content for a more successful customer experience. Remember to gather information from actual customers to address the real needs of your target audience. For example, surveys, focus groups, online reviews, and social media mentions are all ways to collect info on what your customers think and feel.

Serve Your Company AND Your Customers

If your website focuses on serving your company rather than your customer, you may experience poor results. Is your website organized around your company’s internal products or functions, or is the site organized by how customers will use your product or seek information? Sites that require many clicks to find relevant content can become hard to navigate, irrelevant to your customers, and result in a high bounce rate.
Along with customer-focused website content, including user-friendly technical features within your website will also benefit customer engagement. These include:
  • A simple, easy-to-use navigation bar
  • An organized homepage that summarizes what your business is and does
  • Real photos of your business, products, or services (avoid stock photos when possible)
  • A detailed ‘About Us’ page that explains who you are and tells your story
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Easy-to-read fonts
  • Optimized images
  • Clear call-to-actions
  • A ‘Contact Us’ page with your business name, physical location (if applicable) or mailing address, phone number, email address, and social media links

Combining customer-focused content with user-friendly technical elements establishes trust in your website and builds credibility with your customers. For a more in-depth look at improving your credibility online, check out 10 Ways to Increase Your Online Credibility.

Benefits of Designing Your Website for Your Customers

Designing a customer-focused website not only benefits your audience, it also benefits your business. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you might expect.

  1. Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Websites geared for customer search terms will have a higher ranking in search results.
  2. Increase Engagement and Conversions – Personalized content for customers with call-to-actions will drive them to contact you.
  3. Lower Bounce Rate – If site visitors are your target audience, they will stay longer and be more inclined to see what you have to offer.
  4. High Website Authority – Focusing on your target audience gives your brand credibility which increases your search ranking and drives customers desire to return to your site.
  5. Better Insights for Optimization – Customized content for your target audience filters out unwanted website traffic, allowing you to focus on more promising leads.

At Vervocity, we understand the importance of connecting with your target audience. Our team has years of experience in consumer research for all types of businesses. Using your industry expertise and our passion to create stunningly unique WordPress websites, we can work together to create a website that attracts customers, retains viewers, and ultimately generates leads.

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