What is content-first website design?

Content-first web design is all about knowing what content will be on your website before we start designing the site. This approach helps to plan and organize a successful site from the beginning. With a content-first web design strategy, we focus on what your website visitors will consume on your website. Think about your logo, text, photos, videos, charts, lists, pricing, tables, forms, and more. Anything that can go on the page, would be considered content. The more you know about what will go on your website, the better we can plan the design to fit your content.

Why is a content-first strategy important?

Everyone online is looking for information. They need a website that will help them find the information quickly. Be sure to include content that your customers and potential customers are looking for. Think about frequently asked questions and address those in your content.

Having your website content structure outlined with user-friendly navigation will help your visitors find what they are looking for. The type of content you use, the tone of it, the length of it, will all determine the shape of your website design. You can have an eye-catching website design but if your content strategy is poorly designed, don’t expect too many returning visitors to your website. A good content-first strategy is needed to drive home your message.

What are your goals for a successful website?

What do you want your website visitors to do when they visit your site? Call to action (CTA) is a marketing term to prompt an immediate response. We recommend focusing on your CTA goals when generating content. This focus allows the website design to highlight the content that leads to an improved user experience and ensures that your website will help you meet your goals.

Need help with developing content?

At Vervocity, we have a writing team dedicated to telling your story. We can help you develop a content-first strategy that will get results. Bring your brand to life with the right words, let us write your content while you run your business. We understand Search Engine Optimization content writing for websites and how to create content that generates leads and conversions. We don’t stop at just copywriting either. We can build your entire creative strategy with photography, videography, logo design, and more. Contact us today to get started.