If your business is flooded with memos, events, brochures, training documents, task sheets, policies, printed media, presentations, logos, photos, and more, you may be looking to pull it all together and get organized. Imagine your team having access to all those pieces in one convenient location. An affordable asset management solution is within reach with Vervocity’s help.

Seeking a Solution

Industrial, technologies, and services giant Gardner Denver was using a pre-packaged asset management option from an outside source, but it wasn’t the best fit for the company. With nearly 5,000 team members using the clunky, flawed system, the company needed something new and modern. Gardner Denver gave the provider a chance to fix existing issues, but they were unable to overcome design shortfalls and meet all of Gardner Denver’s needs.

Meet Dampdocs

Gardner Denver partnered with Vervocity Interactive in the fall of 2012 for a solution. In a matter of months, Vervocity broke down barriers with a program called Dampdocs. Dampdocs was later customized and branded “GD Inside” for the company.

Intuitive design was a must for GD Inside. Gardner Denver wanted to be sure all of their employees would be able to use the program and easily find what they were looking for. The company knew members of their team ranged from beginners to tech-hungry experts and they trusted Vervocity to make all of them at home on a new platform.

GD Inside became a solution for mobile distribution. With the program, team members are able to reach sales tools from their tablet or smart phone while in front of the client. With a click of a mouse or touch of a finger, team members can showcase an item quickly, see order entries, add a document to their cart or email an element.

Team members have access to the community portal from their customizable dashboard where management and members create, sign up and show participation in events. An employee’s dashboard also includes quick links, company branding elements and categories of content specific to their role in the company ranging from Human Resources to Sales and beyond. There’s no need for a cumbersome download as documents are available on the page with no time wasted and with the checkmark of a box, newly added assets are streamed into the user’s lists.

Your Needs

Don’t settle for a canned asset management tool. Vervocity Interactive can build a Dampdocs system to suit your company, big or small. Whether you have a ton of content to organize and distribute or a need to create an interactive environment for the development of your team, Vervocity can take a closer look at your business and streamline a solution for you.

Get Started

  1. Have a short plan to best outline the next 3-5 years of growth for your business.
  2. Identify priorities and a timeline based on your needs.
  3. Formulate an assets list.

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