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Do you want to sell your products online? Putting the right e-commerce solution in place is critical. A simple shopping cart may work for your business, or you may need a custom e-commerce platform.

Get started by contacting us – we’ll help you navigate the tricky steps to success with e-commerce!

Get Started With Our E-Commerce Questionaire

Whether you’re wanting to sell a few items online, or are a major manufacturer or retailer looking to sell hundreds of thousands of units each year, we can help.

We developed our first e-commerce solution over 20 years ago. Since then the technical aspects of online selling have changed dramatically, but one thing hasn’t – you need to have a plan.

What that means is determining:

  • how will your customers want to shop? by product category, name, or other means?
  • how many products do you want to sell on your website? Your entire inventory, or just the best sellers or highest margin products?
  • do you want to be able to add, edit, and delete products yourself?
  • what options – size, color, quantity, etc. – will products require?
  • how do you want to handle the actual sale – through your bank and their merchant accounts and processors, via PayPal, Shopify, or another 3rd party processor?

We work with our clients directly to find the right e-commerce solution for their business. For some, a simple off-the-shelf shopping cart solution is best.

For others, the best e-commerce solution is a custom developed platform that not only handles the online transaction – the sale – but also integrates with a custom order tracking and management system, pick/pack/ship functionality, robust billing systems, or integrates directly with a client’s existing ERP system or financial software such as QuickBooks.

Regardless of what and how you want to sell online – we can help!

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